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It's not the type of Spring Cleaning we like to do. Our typically robust Community Events Calendar, ordinarily packed with daily events hosted by various groups and organizations across our community, has been bare for weeks. Along with individuals and organizations worldwide, we've scrubbed a full calendar clean, as virtually all public events & activities have been sadly - but understandably - nixed, the result of responsibly addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

While these events appear as a simple blurb on a calendar – a title, a time, a location, an event synopsis, they represent so much more. They don't just happen as quickly as a few keystrokes creating the blurb or a scan of the calendar; they're the result of weeks of planning/scheduling/logistics/research/legwork/obstacles/challenges/troubleshooting/problem-solving/grit/innovation.... in short, lots of work! – typically done by teams of volunteers, staff & employees as they prepare and host these large events.

In the wake of these cancellations, active people are rendered inactive.

Why do these events organizers go to all that trouble, all that work, all that effort? Because these events aren’t just something to do for bored people; they’re designed to build & foster the connections that tie a community together.

As humans, we want these opportunities. We long for these opportunities. To see families, friends and neighbors. To catch up. To connect. To be an integral part of something special: community.

Because community isn't a place. It isn't a location. It isn't neighborhoods or parks or buildings or local amenities. It's people. Our people, mine & yours (if you live here).

The Tribune-Star’s Mark Bennett recently wrote an excellent piece on this subject: https://www.tribstar.com/news/news_columns/mark-bennett-shutdown-reminds-us-theres-actually-plenty-to-do-in-terre-haute/article_e41cdae9-690c-5cc5-a856-dd891f705ba8.html?fbclid=IwAR188q-LF2MY7WAZd6cQpmjFDntnWhhbBnKzF0Pit-u0V3TSU9WUwhXtqpY#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

For now, keep yourself and your friends, your family and your neighbors safe by following responsible safety & distancing precautions. Keep our community strong, so eventually, we can get back connecting with one another - building it back, stronger than ever.

We’re also excited to share big news in the not-too-distant future about the Events Calendar. Stay tuned.

For now, as a brief, bittersweet reminder of our dormant-yet-active community, we’ve kept today’s previously scheduled-but-cancelled events online for a day. We’re saddened by their loss, but hopeful for their eventual reappearance. We realize this moment has changed life forever, including the way we’ll experience events together in the future. As Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb released his Indiana Back On Track plan, we’re invigorated by the prospect for the future.

Spring Cleaning offers a fresh start.


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