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Get a Glimpse Into the First Annual Haute Hops and Vines Festival!

On April 30th, the inaugural Haute Hops and Vines Festival will take place. This will include wine, beer and more from over 27 different breweries, wineries and distilleries across the state. It also includes live music and food vendors, all held in the heart of Terre Haute’s historic brewing district.
A few of Terre Haute’s own breweries are participating such as, Terre Haute Brewing Company and Afterburner Brewing.
The driving force behind this festival is 3 Sisters Investment and their partnership with Indiana on Tap and OnTapTickets.
When asked about participating, Afterburner owners responded, “We're very excited. Mark and Tiffany Baker really help bring something we had wanted to do (but hadn't had time to commit to) to fruition. We're hoping this turns into an annual festival that draws people to Terre Haute to experience what we hope to be a growing brewing district”.
Tiffany Baker of 3 Sisters Investments explained that her hope for this festival is to get people pulling off the highway to check out what Terre Haute has to offer. She also said, “our hope for the inaugural Haute Hops and Vines Fest is that we introduce a piece of Terre Haute to some new faces. We have a great brewing history in our town. It’s time to highlight it”.
Having already sold out of VIP tickets, it is obvious to her that Hauteans and Hoosiers alike, love two things, beer and supporting their community. The public response will help reach their goal of selling out before the event, which they are on track to do!
Baker said that the inspiration for this began when she and her husband attended the Great American Beer Festival when living in Denver Colorado in 2016. They saw how many people it brought in and hoped for the same response in our own community. From start to finish, this event will have taken four months to plan and host. Baker is very adamant about the fact that hosting something like this in your community doesn’t have to take 3-5 years to plan, you can act now. Tiffany and her husband Mark have invested quite a lot into bettering Terre Haute and this festival could be the beginning of an annual flow of new faces being introduced to our lively community.
Baker encouraged everyone who wants to attend to buy their tickets before they sell out fully! You can buy tickets for this festival here:

Written by: Kayla McDaniel


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