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Election results are in: Our future starts now

Our future takes shape with decisions made now.

Both the casino and the school referendums have been approved.

Voters have affirmed Mayor Duke Bennett's steady hand at the wheel of Terre Haute City Government. Congratulations to Mayor Bennett and thank you to Patrick Goodwin and Karrum Nasser, for your heart and unwavering dedication to our hometown; your passion for our community is inspiring.

Congratulations on re-election go out to Terre Haute City Council incumbents Amy Auler, George Azar, Martha Crossen, Curtis A. DeBaun IV, Earl Elliott, Neil Garrison & Todd Nation, as well as to first-time council members elect Tammy LeDune Boland & Cheryl Toney Loudermilk (and city clerk Michelle Edwards and city judge Matthew A. Sheehan). Thank you for your willingness to lead and to serve our community.

In West Terre Haute (yeah, we consider you part of The Haute family - we share the same last name 😉), kudos to Town Council elections for Larry Cassagne, Shane Smith and Chuck Stranahan, as well as Town Clerk/Treasurer Lisa Marie McCalister.

Win or lose, we're thankful for all whose passion drove them to run for office. Thank you for heeding the call, and making the sacrifice of time & effort in pursuit of civil service. We look forward to continued work alongside you in service of our community to make it an even better place to live, work, play and do businesses.

Finally, for officeholders - candidates who won elections and those who fell short; for the electorate - citizens who voted for an election winner, others who preferred a another candidate, and even those who made the choice not to vote; for every citizen of Vigo County: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. While we have different ideas for how to go about it, presumably we all want the best for our community, because (presumably) we all want the best for ourselves, our families, and our futures. Improving our community improves those odds. Let's find ways to bridge divides. To look beyond our differences. To work together, acknowledging our differences while working collaboratively to accomplish something far greater than we can alone. To be better individuals & better citizens, building a better community for a better future. For ourselves, our families, our futures, and yes, for our neighbors.

Congratulations, Terre Haute & Vigo County. Our future begins now. Our work begins now.

Feb 5th Blog Post
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