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The Haute Initiative welcomes its first class of interns

We'd like to welcome a first-class group of interns to The Haute Initiative team. For the next 11 weeks, these five talented college seniors will spend time taking in and sharing observations about community life beyond the boundaries of the Indiana State University campus. You’ll see much of their work over the course of the next few weeks. If you see them out and about, be sure to say "Hi."

A self-described bookish sort, AMBER pours her love of literature into her job in the youth services department of the Vigo County Public Library. She’s a senior at Indiana State studying for a career in interior design, public relations or better yet, working public relations for an interior design firm. Hailing from Danville, Indiana with an affinity for her Hautean home, Amber daydreams of world travels to far-flung corners of the globe. If you see her around The Haute, strike up a conversation with her by talking art, design, fashion, pop culture, and nit-picky details of current projects (the more obscure the minutiae, the better). She’ll be using her talents blogging for


CLAIRE is a senior Communications major with a minor in Textiles, Apparels and Merchandising; can you guess what she wants to do when she graduates? If you guessed “work for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Cosmo”, you’d be right on the button (the designer frock button, that is). For now, Claire serves as editor-in-chief of the Indiana Statesman, and has also written blogs for Haute Life Magazine. She loves writing, music & nature, and is happiest when she can combine all three - writing blogs about outdoor music concerts. She’ll be putting her skills to use as a liaison for our local colleges.


JACOB was born in Puyallup, Washington, and moved to Indiana when he was 7. He has a twin brother and while they look nothing alike, they did wear matching outfits as kids. In his spare time, Jacob likes riding three-wheeled bikes (not because he can’t ride a two-wheeler, but because trikes are a longstanding, well-revered ISU homecoming tradition and his fraternity needs him). In addition to triking, Jacob enjoys working out and exploring — namely, exploring local food options! — along with other local amenities, be they the trails at Griffin Bike Park, Heritage Trail or riverfront concerts. A multi-talented young man, Jacob will be out & about as a community liaison, so be sure to say ‘Hi’ if you see him. He’s a senior studying Communication (public relations emphasis) with a minor in Sales & Negotiations (yes, it’s a thing).


After being involved in Residential Life for three years, KATIE may have just found her life’s calling in, well, college life: after graduating, she hopes to return to school to work in Student Affairs in Higher Education. A fourth-generation native of Nashville, Indiana and a first-generation college student, Katie is a member of National Resident Hall Honorary and Residence Hall Association. On the academic front, her passion includes science (she’s minoring in chemistry), while her non-academic pursuits include art, biking (mountain biking or road biking - it doesn’t matter) and general outdoor recreation. She’ll be writing blogs for (maybe some on art, biking or outdoor recreation?), doing occasional design work, and try her hand at photography.


If you see a big, satisfied smile on TREVOR’s face, it’s because he finds himself in his final semester as

an undergrad — he’s graduating in December with a degree in Communication and a minor in Human Resource Development. In the meantime, he’ll be using his photography/video chops documenting life and times in 'The Haute’ for The Haute Initiative (he’s already started! Check out the galleries from the weekend’s events). A native of Jasper, Indiana, Trevor enjoys photography, writing, fashion, tech, exercise, watching movies, hanging out with friends and discovering new music (not necessarily in that order). He just wrapped his second year as an RA, and is currently working as a yearbook photographer, as well. If you see him around town, wish him well in his final semester.

Feb 5th Blog Post
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