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Reasons to Love Summer in the Haute

After the sleepiness of winter and the busy days of spring, summer is just what we need here in the Haute! If you're creating a summer wish list or bucket list, here are the top six things we're looking forward to this season. (Click on the links to be taken to for more info.)

- Free or cheap summer movies. This summer, Terre Haute has outdoor movies, free movies at the library, an inexpensive "summer movie camp," and the promise of a drive-in theater opening soon!

- The Vigo County Public Library's summer reading program. This completely free program has camps, cooking classes, parties, and free books!

- The Terre Haute Farmers' Market. This year, the market has moved from downtown to the parking lot of Meadows Shopping Center. When you go, be sure to take a look around the Meadows to see what the new owners have done to revitalize this space.

- Pools, beaches, and splash pads. We may not live near the ocean, but that doesn't mean we can't swim or go to the beach! The parks department recently made major improvements to Fowler Park beach.

- Fireworks. Nothing says "Happy 4th of July!" quite like the boom of a big fireworks show. We found fifteen firework displays in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley. Most are free to attend!

- The Terre Haute Air Show. It's been a few years since Terre Haute has hosted an air show! This year's event is sure to draw a regional crowd and offer a great view of Terre Haute for our visitors and residents.

We may not want to sleep in cots on the back porch or in a tree house, but many people here in the Haute can agree with Harper Lee that summer is everything good to eat, a thousand colors in a parched landscape, and our best season.

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