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See What We're Doing? We're just getting started

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest episode of The Haute, I encourage you to do so. Go ahead; do it now. Click here. I’ll wait…

This episode is a prime example of our efforts to spotlight our community’s assets by informing & educating viewers about our strengths in an engaging way. The goal is to provide Terre Haute & Vigo County with additional tools for spurring interest & economic growth in our community.

The potential users & beneficiaries are many: local community leaders working to attract business & industry to Vigo County, already established local business & industry looking to recruit key positions for their operations, area colleges looking to draw top academic talent here, local hospitals & medical facilities wanting to bring in high-level medical professionals, etc.

We hope the picture’s coming into focus. But we’re just getting started.

One of our next areas of attention is our website’s Things To Do section. It’s funny that we’ve heard some say “there’s nothing to do in Terre Haute.” Maybe the bored are simply unaware, but it may be that the information on local activities and events just isn’t accessible enough. If that’s the case, we want to change that.

Snowfall put a dampener on a lot of weekend activities, but there were scheduled ISU baseball & softball home games, a night bike ride at Griffin Bike Park, stage plays at the Community Theater of Terre Haute and Children’s Theatre of Terre Haute, a Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra concert, workshops at the Vigo County Public Library, the Swope Art Museum & Terre Haute Children’s Museum, and this week — like every week — there will be live music at various venues, book groups, bingo sessions, trivia nights, workshops, speaker events, athletic competitions and more. And Terre Haute City & Vigo County Parks are always available for a recreational outing. Area restaurants, theaters, entertainment centers - there’s plenty to do if you just look for it.

So as we develop's Things To Do section, keep in mind that this is a community site FOR the community; we want community input and this means you! You can contribute as we develop the Things To Do section! We recognize that our community is comprised of many people of many stripes with many areas of interests. We want to know what local activities YOU like to do and what YOU are interested in.

Click here to take a quick survey to help inform us as we develop the section. You’ll see new developments in the coming weeks.

Mark Gibson is Executive Director of The Haute Initiative, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to promoting and celebrating the greater Terre Haute/Vigo County community.

Feb 5th Blog Post
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