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Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update Kicks Off

West Central Indiana Economic Development District (WCIEDD), in its role as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), has started the important process of updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for Terre Haute, all of Vigo County and most of Clay County. The MTP, which covers a 20 year planning horizon and is updated at least every 5 years, outlines the long-range vision for continued development of the transportation network in the West Central Indiana Metropolitan Planning Area. The planning process will take a close look at the projected transportation needs of people who live, work and play in the communities served by the MPO and will result in the identification of projects to address street and highway, transit, freight, bicycle and pedestrian needs.

Community involvement is the key to ensuring the new MTP truly captures the spirit and desire of the various voices that represent Vigo and Clay Counties. Residents, business owners, service organizations and other stakeholders will have several ways to take part in the process. Public meetings will be conducted in Terre Haute, West Terre Haute and Brazil. In addition, everyone will be able to provide their input by participating in an on-line survey that will be available by the end of March on the MPO website.

Input from local government officials and the public, combined with the technical expertise of the MPO staff, the MPO Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) and the Indiana Dept. of Transportation, will result in the development of prioritized lists of projects, as well as policy recommendations, to be included in the new MTP. Adoption of the MTP by the MPO Transportation Policy Committee is expected to occur during a public committee meeting on July 17, 2018.

This long-range transportation planning effort is funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is required to maintain local public agency and state eligibility for federal funding to advance transportation improvement projects identified in the MTP. For more information about the MTP or the update process, contact Jeremy Weir at 812-917-3199 or by email at

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