Birthplace of the Coca Cola Bottle

In 1915, the Coca-Cola Company sent out a challenge to glass companies across the US to design a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feeling in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

The Root Glass Company in Terre Haute, Indiana created the winning design, making the city the birthplace of the iconic bottle that is recognized around the world.




The 6-foot-tall Coke Bottle sculptures throughout Terre Haute exhibit the pride the community takes in its role in the development of this world-renowned packaging design. The sculpture is part of the Root Family Public Art Project. To learn more about the history of the Coca-Cola Bottle, visit the Vigo County Historical Museum. 


CDI, Inc

600 Wabash Ave.

Artist: Jackie Tice

Chamber of Commerce,

Work One & EDC

630 Wabash Ave.

Artist: Mary Ann Michna

First Financial Bank

One First Financial Plaza

Artist: Becky Hochhalter

Williams Law

646 Walnut St.

Artist: Bill Wolfe

Gary Greiner

668 Walnut St.

Artist: James Shepard

Morgan Stanley

712 Walnut St.

Artist: Becky Hochhalter

ISU Root Hall

424 N. Seventh St.

Artist: Courtney Prather

Sigma Phi Epsilon

831 N. Fifth St.

Artist: Troy Fears

Pi Kappa Alpha ISU

840 N. 7th St.

Artists: Becky & Peyton Hochhalter

TBM Building Services

20 N. 14th St.

Artist: Troy Fears

Baesler's Market

2900 Poplar St.

Artist: James Shepard


Westminster Village,

1120 E. Davis Dr.

Artists: JoAnne Fiscus & Barbara Dreher

Terre Haute Regional Airport

581 S. Airport St.

Artist: Jody O'Neil


1100 State Road 46

Artist: Chelsea Moody

Terre Haute CVB

5353 E. Margaret Dr.

Artist: Jackie Tice

Custom Stone Products

509 E. Preston St.

Artist: Larry Jones


2500 Prairieton Rd.

Artist: Becky Hochhalter

Ivy Tech Community College

8000 Education Dr.

Artist: David Gill

Arc of Vigo County

11 Cherry St.

Artist: James Shepard

City of Terre Haute

17 Harding St.

Artists: Susan & Michael Tingley

Vigo Co. Prosecutor

33 S. Third St.

Artist: Jackie Tice

Corner Grind

683 Wabash Ave.

Artist: Becky Hochhalter

Terre Haute Children's Museum

727 Wabash Ave.

Artists: David Gill &
Kari Rajkumar

Root Family

Vigo Co. History Center

929 Wabash Ave.

Artist: Neil Garrison

Wabash Valley Community Foundation

200 S. Eighth St.

Artist: James Shepard

Goldsmith House

602 S. 7th St.

Artists: Edward & Sarah Trover

United Campus Ministries

321 N. Seventh St.

Artist: Bryan Bromstrup

Coca Cola Consolidated

Lafayette & Eighth Ave.

Artist: Ryan Wilkerson

Sycamore Engineering

1010 Chestnut St.

Artist: Bryan Bromstrup

Nikki's Salon

1115 Walnut St.

Artist: Brandy Gum

Corporate Square

2901 Ohio Blvd.

Artists: Valerie Funk & John Criss

Sycamore Storage

3250 Locust St.

Artist: Cathleen Hogan

Rose Hulman Hatfield Hall

5500 Wabash Ave.

Artist: Bryan Bromstrup

Brown Veterinary

909 S. 25th St.

Artist: Becky Hochhalter

CANDLES Holocaust Museum

1532 S. 3rd St.

Artist: Jackie Tice

Goodwill Industries

2702 S. Third St.

Artists: Becky Hochhalter

Scott's Custom Colors

3140 N. 25th St.

Artist: James Shepard

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

3301 St. Mary's Rd.

Artists: Jody O'Neil, Jordyn Lloyd, Bry'Chell Johnson, Bria Hall

First Responders

28 S. Ninth St.

Artist: Michael Roberts

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