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- Limited

Current Road Construction

9th St. Construction: 9th from Wabash Ave to Cherry St will be closed for construction activities associated with the Convention Center. Expected until TBA.

Lafayette Construction: From Ft. Harrison Rd to 25th St., the east side of the lane will be limited due to road construction. Expected until TBA.

US Hwy 40 Construction: Between Gardendale Rd (Terre Haute) and N Co Rd 425 W (3 miles west of Brazil). Look out for construction work because the road is being repaved. Traffic is slow. There are alternating lane closures. Expect changing traffic patterns. Expected until July 31st.

US Hwy 41 Construction: Between Chestnut St and Locust St (Terre Haute). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. Width limit 11'0". Expected until May 19th at 5:00pm.

US Hwy 150 Construction: Between Sumner Ave. (West Terre Haute) and Schley Pl. (near Terre Haute). Road construction work is in progress. Expected until October 1st at 11:59pm.

*Minor road closures/projects may not be included on this page.