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Vigo County 4-H

Through 4-H programs in virtually every community in the state, we help young people learn leadership and citizenship, develop life skills, and form attitudes that help them become productive members of society with high self-esteem in both urban and rural areas. We involve parents, caring volunteers, and professional staff who create educational opportunities to youth in the entire community.

Examples of Vigo County programming include: the Vigo County 4-H Fair (July 10-17), 4-H Camp, career preparation trips, STEM activities and robotics challenges, healthy living initiatives, and leadership development. 4-H enrollment is open year-round at for any youth in grades K-12. Adults that are interested in working with Vigo County youth can contact us to learn more about the variety of volunteer opportunities available.

With the Vigo County Fair upon us, it's important to note that this fair is a culmination of many weeks and months of creating, discovering, experimenting, and learning through the 4-H program. We want to share the 4-H schedule for those who are interested in this important community event:

Saturday (7/10)

- Horse & Pony Show at Horse Arena (9am)

Sunday (7/11)

- Horse & Pony Show at Horse Arena (9am)

- Rabbit Show at Rabbit Barn (5pm)

- Alpaca/Llama Exhibition at Show Arena (6pm)

Monday (7/12)

- Poultry Show at Poultry Barn (9am)

- Rabbit Show at Rabbit Barn (9am)

- Dog Award Presentation and Demonstration at South Lawn (10am)

- Sheep Show at Show Arena (5pm)

Tuesday (7/13)

- Swine Show at Swine Barn (8am)

- Alpaca/Llama Show at Show Arena (9am)

- Demonstration/Public Speaking at 4-H Meeting Room (10am)

- Cat Show at 4-H Meeting Room (6pm)

- Swine Show Grand Drive at Swine Barn (6pm)

Wednesday (7/14)

- Goat Show at Show Arena (9am)

- Rooster Crowing Contest at 4-H Lawn (11am)

- Little Critters Show at 4-H Meeting Room (5pm)

- Dairy Show at Show Arena (5pm)

Thursday (7/15)

- Beef Show at Show Arena (10am)

- 4-H Parade at Fairgrounds (5:15pm)

- Round Robin Contest at Show Arena (6:30pm)

Friday (7/16)

- BBQ Contest at 4-H Lawn (10am)

- Livestock Auction at Show Arena (6:30pm)

Saturday (7/17)

- Rocket Launch at Back Field (1pm)

- Achievement Night Program at Free Stage (4:30pm)


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