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Take a Look Inside The Makers Studio at Twelve Points with Owner Yvette Morgan

Since beginning the revitalization of the Twelve Points, many unique businesses have opened, leading the people of Terre Haute into a new and positive outlook on this historic space. Creativity has been poured into the revitalization and one business is helping to turn that creativity back out into the community. The Makers Studio of Twelve Points has certainly been proving, since it opened in November of 2021, that arts and crafts are not just for children. With six different artists teaching lessons, you are bound to find something you enjoy doing! From crocheting with Betsy to learning how to macrame with Emily, there are many fun skills to learn and master for people of all ages. We were fortunate enough to have owner, Yvette Morgan, answer some questions about Makers Studio to give more of an insight on how it all started.

Q: The Makers Studio is very unique, what made you want to initially want to open it in Terre Haute?

I'm a creative person by nature and have always loved to create, paint and craft. It started out initially in my handmade boutique Modern Charm about 8+ years ago in the basement of my shop. As the business grew so did my classes, when Covid hit I had only 2 options: keep my boutique or close. I decided to close and focus solely on my creative side. I knew Terre Haute didn't offer these types of classes in our community and soon realized that I had something special for kids and adults. In May 2021, I moved from my location and taught at the YWCA for summer camp and met Mark and Tiffany Baker from 3 Sisters Investments and the rest is history. I moved in and opened for business November 5th 2021 and rebranded and renamed the shop. I'm so happy to finally be open for business and offer these classes, along with the opportunities for other women to teach in the space.

Q: What was the attraction to developing in 12 points?

Honestly, I had no idea about the 12 Points Revitalization or who Mark and Tiffany Baker were who own the property. I had a friend who saw a post on FB and tagged me in it and that's how I met the Bakers and discovered 12 points. If you would have asked me a year ago about moving in that area that would have been a big NO, but once I met with the Bakers and looked at the space I knew I couldn't pass it up. They truly care about the community and want to see change in the area of town they grew up in. I see so much potential at 12 points and would love to see Terre Haute embrace it.

Q: What do you like most about the Business Community in 12 points?

I've been a small business owner since 2006 and love the idea of having 12 points as a part of the movement. I believe brick and mortar shops will be a destination or experience driven. It will be a place to bring people together through festivals, music and art. Renovating this area and expanding will be great for the small business owners and making it affordable and cost effective for these small businesses to stay in business.

Q: What areas of growth are you looking forward to for Makers Studio?

I have big dreams, but initially I just want to get customers in my shop to try a class or workshop. I want to be able to hire someone to help me with classes as I continue to grow. I want kids to have a place they feel comfortable to create and make new friends. I want adults to take time for themselves and learn something new or relax at one of my paint/creative workshops. I want to encourage exploring, creativity, community. I hope to one day expand and have even a bigger space as the studio grows...would love to have 2 levels (upstairs and downstairs) to separate my kids and adult classes. Dream Big right?

Q: What opportunities are coming up in the next few months at Makers Studio that people should look out for?

I will be partnering with more women in our community to bring more creative workshops to my space. I'm also looking forward to growing my process Art, homeschool art and adding more classes for teens. I’m also in the early stages of working on Summer Camp that will start in June. More details will be announced soon.

You can visit website:

or eventbrite to check out the calendar of events each week.


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