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The Haute Initiative making its online home

For the past 18 months, The Haute Initiative has been honored to represent our community online at We will continue to share our robust community informational site at

In addition to a large Things To Do section, full Events Calendar and basic directory information on all Vigo County restaurants, parks, hotels, museums and schools, the site offers comprehensive directory listings for local businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches and community service outlets.

We’re pleased with what we’ve been able to share with the world about our community during our partnership with the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), owner of the domain. Our site was designed to present our community well to guests & outsiders, the thousands of college students making Terre Haute home during their academic career, and local residents — our friends and neighbors.

During our tenure as stewards of the domain, we have worked to provide Terre Haute & Vigo County with an attractive online presence in order to cultivate a sense of community pride, shape our community’s image, and attract residents, businesses and guests, providing them with a glimpse of what we experience every day in our hometown — a great place to live, work, play and do business.

Since that site first “went live” with The Haute Initiative’s launch on Jan. 2, 2018, we increased traffic on by more than 20 percent, logged more than 98,000 page visits for more than 39,000 visitors, and improved the site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve visibility, boosted’s standing in search results for “Terre Haute” searches from 5th when we took it on, to 3rd in Google search result standings (behind only the governmental site for City of Terre Haute and the city’s Wikipedia entry).

And aside from the home page, the Things To Do, Hotels, Restaurants, Business, Recreation and Community Services pages have been the site’s top visited pages, with more than 2,000 page visits each since our launch.

CVB Executive Director David Patterson has been a great partner during our tenure together, as both a champion and a friend, and we’re grateful for the trust he placed in us by partnering with us on the domain.

The CVB has decided to reshape their site to more fully align with their mission of bringing guests to Vigo County hotels and restaurants, and the CVB's current site at represents our community well for guests and visitors.

The Haute Initiative will continue maintaining the community’s information site at Be sure to bookmark on your web browser to keep up-to-date on local events and activities, as well as to locate a wealth of community information.

Thank you, residents of Terre Haute & Vigo County for your support.


The Haute Initiative Board of Directors

Jared Farnsworth, Mark Gibson, Danielle Isbell, Shelley Klingerman, John Mullican, Dee Reed

Feb 5th Blog Post
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